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"Nowadays, you can't turn on the TV without some talking head telling you about the economy. Yet, in a world overrun by 'analysts,' only one man has the guts, the brains, and, quite frankly, the poetry to put it all in perspective.That man is Michael Silverstein... Silverstein is a true intellectual." — Gersh Kuntzman, The New York Post

"Few people have found much to laugh about in the stock market this year. Michael Silverstein is the exception. The Bard of the Bourse can find humor in losing money, globalization and stock options." — USA Today
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Dyspecptic's Guide to Contemporary Politics art

A few, a very few, of the corporate hustlers who made fortunes in various market scams are now coming to trial. Will they get the punishments they really deserve? Or will some of them—as this poem suggests—end up turning their “tribulations” into another hustle?

The Reformed Financial
Felon Poem

For many long years I lived in a prison,
A prison of vulgar materialism,
Acquiring goods was the aim of my toilings,
Ignoring all higher spiritual callings.

With all kinds of bought things I was long surrounded,
I owned countless gadgets, my boy toys astounded,
From autos and watches I carefully chose,
My wife was Miss Texas, she owned lots of clothes.

Then out of the blue came a dragged out recession,
Which at first I believed was just a digression,
I figured at worst it would trim down some perks,
Who knew it would linger and gum up the works?

Soon I was smitten with trials unholy,
They repoed my beamer, my condo, my Rollie,
Miss Texas, who’d sworn in her heart I was graven,
Took up with a lawyer, a class action maven.

My home life was bad, but at work it was worse,
I suffered indignities, crass and perverse,
While colleagues got wrist slaps when their sins were cited,
A pushy DA got me cuffed and indicted.

It was down hill from there, but why dwell on the past,
The big thing is that all this angst didn’t last,
For I learned from the horrors with which I was gored,
That a far greater Wisdom I’d too long ignored.

I saw in a flash that my whole life was rotten,
That all the possessions I owned were ill-gotten,
To a judge I explained this, head bowed, meek and nervous,
He nodded and gave me community service.

From there I embarked on the road of contrition,
Proclaiming this Truth became my new mission,
And contrition, I found, is a marvelous hook,
Soon I had a good agent, a best-selling book.

The book was my passport and soon I was able,
My message to spread via columns and cable,
On Oprah I ‘splained living simple’s just fine,
And flashed a CD priced at $9.99.

Strange as it seems, I earn more than before,
By loudly espousing the joys of the poor.
To keep this new rich life, I need just decoy it
And straight-faced declare I don’t really enjoy it.


© Michael Silverstein

Wall Street Poet
Fifteen Feet Bneath Manhattan rat The Bellman's Revenge by Michael Silverstein The Chronicles Of Selig Cartwright, Goldman Sachs Washroom Attendant: Volume I ©2012
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